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About us

Our aim is to set standards, not just to meet them. Whether you need a boiler repair, a boiler replacement, a full bathroom refurbishment or a large commercial gas project, you will be glad you chose Your Local Plumbing Company.

Our experienced & friendly team provide professional service for minor and major works, for homes and businesses within our service area. We provide free estimates for new boiler installations and bathroom refurbishments and for all other work our pricing is transparent and we will always tell you how much we expect a job to cost before you make a booking.

We are consistent and able to explain things in your language. We will give you honest feedback and the benefit of our plumbers and engineers' extensive experience, having serviced, maintained and repaired a vast number of plumbing, heating and gas systems in homes and businesses just like yours.

Offering the highest quality workmanship and services near you.

More about us...

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Articles We Found Interesting

News About Our Office

Article 16

Our office at 35-37 High Street, Hampton Hill will no longer be open for walk in enquiries. Anyone wishing to make an enquiry or wishing to meet a surveyor, engineer or manager, will need to contact us to schedule an appointment.
We apologise for any inconvenience.

Top 10 Cities For Unsafe Gas Appliances 

Article 12

Gas Safe Register has revealed the UK’s top ten cities for having unsafe gas appliances, with Edinburgh, Birmingham and Norwich named the worst offenders, based on the Register’s inspection data. Unsafe gas appliances can cause gas leaks (CO poisoning), fires or explosions, putting families across the country at risk.
With this in mind, Gas Safe Register and the Fire and Rescue Service are issuing a joint gas safety warning as December continues to be the time of year that Gas Safe Register finds the highest number of unsafe appliances in UK homes. Over the last five years, an average of one in six (17%) boilers, fires and cookers were investigated and found to be unsafe in December.

Your Tap Water Contains Molecules That Dinosaurs Drank + Other Interesting Water Facts

Article 10

The Earth is covered with a lot of water- approximately 70 percent of its surface area to be exact. But did you know that only one percent of that is readily available for humans to drink? That’s because nearly 97 percent is salt water and another two percent is located in the glaciers and ice caps.

In other words, if you put the world’s entire water supply into a four litre bottle, only one tablespoon of it would be suitable for humans to drink. Here are some more interesting facts about water that will have you looking at your daily beverage differently.

Water Facts - Did You Know?

From dinosaur molecules to the hazards of the bottled water industry, the following are some interesting facts about water we didn’t know about before!

This App Is Turning Cleaning The Planet Into A Game.

Article 13

Expanding that philosophy around the world, over one million pieces of trash have been collected and documented through the Literrati app. Users take photos of litter they’ve picked up, and it’s led to a tremendous amount of information being gathered in the process. With a base of around 60,000 users, they post an average of 10,000 pieces of trash picked up per week.
"This is a massive problem," Kirschner told Business Insider. "It impacts the economy, the environment, it degrades community pride, it decreases property value, it kills wildlife, and now with the plastic pollution in the ocean situation, it is literally poisoning our food system."

National drinking water scheme could cut plastic bottle use by millions

Article 14

People will be able to refill water bottles for free in tens of thousands of places in England in future following the announcement of a new national scheme by the water industry. Industry body Water UK says the scheme could cut disposable plastic bottle use by tens of millions a year.
Plastic water bottles litter UK beaches in their thousands. During last September’s MCS Great British Beach Clean, volunteer beach cleaners picked up on average more than 10 bottles per every 100m they cleaned.
The scheme, in which water companies have joined forces with the Refill campaign, will create a national network of high street retailers, coffee shops, businesses and local authorities who will offer new refill stations for the public to top-up their water bottles for free in every major city and town in England by 2021. 
A smart phone app will help people find out where the nearest refill point is, and there will be special signs in shop windows...

Supporting Our Local Community

Love Hampton Hill

Having serviced Richmond and Kingston boroughs for over a decade we have been very welcomed by the community. We have had many opportunities to get involved with our local community and we have enjoyed taking part in and supporting local charities and community events. We are proud of our contributions we have made by donating time, funding and prizes and also hosting events for charities and community organisations.

We have supported and continue to support charities and local community organisations including SPEAR ( in Richmond and Twickenham, SOSSEN ( in Molesey and Hampton Hill, the Hampton Wick association (, Teddington Fair ( and other community organisations locally.

We are grateful for the outstanding support that the communities show to us by continually choosing us to undertake plumbing, heating and gas works in their homes, businesses and commercial premises and it is a great pleasure to contribute to community initiatives and support those who continually support our business.

Us & The Hampton Hill Business Association

We are also proud members of Hampton Hill Business Association ( and that Ross Mckiernan, a senior partner and general manager at Your Local Plumbing Company has been a director of the Hampton Hill business association since 2013. Ross volunteers at the association helping the team with the promotion of Hampton Hill, the annual Christmas Parade and other events and promotions.

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